While building a react-slack-clone from the Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase course found in Udemy by Reed Barger, I found the perfect opportunity to vanquish React Hooks. This course was geared at using React 15 (a world before hooks 😃) along with learning how to use Google’s Firebase.

During the development of the project I learned the following;

The Problem

If you are building a website and using Contentful, then you might have experienced the benefits with using a headless CMS that also has robust API functionality. Using Contentful allows developers to build out a Content Type structure which allows content owner to easily create reusable content that can be added to different site pages.

Contentful recommends using the Contentful Migration Tool along with the Contentful CLI as best practice when your project is using more than one environment in your Contentful Space (i.e. when your Contentful Space has a development and a master environment). However, as great as the…

Caesar Bell

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